Wave Neuro has revolutionized Brain Health.

Wave Neuroscience brings the future of mental healthcare to your clinic with our non-pharmaceutical, precision neuromodulation technology.

The problem has never been better understood and the outcomes have never been better.


Personalized neuroscience, simplified to provide patients the highest level of outcomes.

Wave's proprietary MeRT™ (Magnetic EEG-Guided Resonance Therapy) technology is the only patented approach to EEG-guided frequency-targeted neuromodulation, powered by the largest pre and post treatment EEG database in the world. Wave is the first and only EEG analytics platform utilizing machine learning to deliver a personalized brain health report and bespoke treatment parameters for patients.

Our individualized care model marks a paradigm shift in mental health care.

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An increase in mental illness is outpacing current healthcare solutions.

Individuals are desperate for a long-lasting and non-pharmaceutical solution.

1 in 5
will experience mental illness each year
*CDC Mental Health Basics
27 million
individuals experiencing a mental illness are going untreated
*Access to Care Data 2022
of U.S. adults with a mental illness receive treatment
*LYRA State of the Workforce Mental Health Report
9 of 10
people indicated high interest in learning about their brain health and risk
*People's interest in brain health testing

“If you are looking for better brain function, this is the technology you are looking for.”

Spencer O. Miller MD
‍‍Neurologist, Brain Treatment Center - Dallas

Enhance patient outcomes and improve your practice's efficiency.

Wave’s deep understanding of the Default Mode Network dynamics combined with our EEG database enables us to craft treatment plans that enhance communication within the brain, fostering a truly individualized approach with better outcomes.

Join us in the pursuit towards more personalized, non-pharmaceutical mental health care.

400 sq/ft
Significant annual revenue uptick with less than 400 square feet
Achieve 20-40% increased patient traffic
Double the reduction in symptom improvement over standard rTMS protocols
Corlier, et al.

Elevate your practice with the global authority in electrophysiological analytics and bio-marker guided treatment protocol recommendations.

Over the last 12 years, Wave has grown the idea of a physics based approach to brain health to a global network of world-class professionals empowered by our technology suite, with more than twenty thousand treated patients and counting.

Our expert advisory panel, 76-patent portfolio, and foundation of third-party research continue to grow as we pursue democratized brain optimization and a healthier society.

  • 76 patents issued + 40 in-process
  • 14 Clinical Trials completed in collaboration with major universities, military, and medical partners
  • Driven partners in mental health research, treatment efficiency, and device optimization
  • Best-in-class medical leadership
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